The Perfect Picnic Dress

Grab your blankets and baskets because it's National Picnic Week from the 19th - 27th June! But aside from deciding what culinary delights to pack, a more pressing question for you may well be 'what on earth will I wear'? After all, lockdown lounge wear to summer dresses couldn't feel a more daunting leap.

First and foremost, the ideal picnic dress, is one that is comfortable. Eating whilst sat on the floor can feel awkward enough, without the waistband of an outfit digging in. Secondly, I'd always suggest wearing a dress which is slightly longer in length, in order to protect modesty.

As a Personal Stylist, I always advise my clients to make mindful purchases - buy less, but buy better. For me, better means well made, excellent quality and a fabulous fit. I want, and I want my clients to enjoy, a wardrobe that contains clothes that will stand the test of time and work for a variety of occasions.

With this in mind, I was thrilled to discover the perfect picnic dress. The customisable maxi dress from Cat Turner ticks all the boxes above - and then some!

This one size, pull-on dress not only boasts adjustable straps and an optional matching belt (if you want to cinch it in under the bust or around the waist) but it has pockets too!
Hand crafted in London, the quality of this dress is exquisite. Comfort is in abundance, with its floaty fit of fabric in a breathable blend of 70% cotton and 30% linen, making it ideal as the temperatures soar.

Its chic blue and white stripes are not only completely timeless but ultra flattering too as vertical lines create the illusion of length - delighting its wearer who suddenly appears taller and leaner.

Not only will the dress look beautiful cascading around you at your next picnic, but it scores high in the versatility stakes. The variety of occasions you could wear this dress are near on endless!

It's worth noting the exceptional customer service that comes with shopping from an independent retailer too. You can contact Cat directly to customise the fabric and the length of the dress to your specific requirements.

With the dress sorted, the only dilemma that remains is what filling to put in your sandwiches…

Summer Maxi Dress With Pockets

Lindsay x

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