After an informal chat about your lifestyle, we will begin by determining your 'style personality'. This unravels the thinking of why you purchase certain clothing and dress a particular way.

We will discover your body shape and I will advise you on the clothing styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories which will suit you.

I will share techniques to emphasise your favourite features and let you in on some clever tricks to disguise areas you don't like.

I will talk you through the trends for the season ahead and how you can incorporate these current, key pieces in to your wardrobe.

You will leave brimming with confidence, because now you know exactly what to wear to look your best.
All of my advice will be recorded in your style workbook, for you to keep for future reference.
2 hrs
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This service is also available online, via Zoom

Includes: A workbook illustrating the styles of clothes which suit your body shape

Why not discover the colours that suit you at the same time, by booking a Full Image Consultation?


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