My love for Preloved

My love for second hand clothing began when I was a little girl. At weekends, my Mum and I would often visit Hitchin, a market town in Hertfordshire. Whilst we were there, we would take a look inside the various charity shops located around the town square.

Back then the idea of buying clothing from charity shops horrified many people due the stigma of the clothing being old, smelly and something you only bought if you couldn't afford new. My Mum, on the other hand, couldn't understand why anybody would choose to pay full price! Not when they could spend less money buying quality clothes, whilst supporting a charity at the same time.

Nowadays we are much more aware of the damaging effects of fast fashion. An alarming amount of pollution is produced by the manufacturing and transportation of clothes. That, along with the staggering amount of garments going to landfill every week, drives it home how throwaway fashion is simply not sustainable for our planet.

This has led to a long overdue shift in society, to start shopping mindfully. With 'sustainable', 'slow fashion' and 'preloved' being the current buzz words within the fashion industry, second hand clothing has never been so on-trend!

Sensibilities aside, shopping for second hand is exciting! You never know quite what you'll come across. I've picked up some wonderful pieces over the years ... A leopard print trench coat from Jaeger and a dreamy blue dress from Oliver Bonas were some particularly fabulous finds.

However, shopping second hand does require a slightly different approach to hitting the high street. So, I have put together a few tips to help you get the most from your preloved shopping experience:

  • Shop with an open mind. Whilst I usually encourage my clients to stick to a shopping list, when shopping second hand it can be difficult to search for something specific. Instead, enjoy browsing!


  • Don’t let a bargain tempt you in to making a ‘mistake buy’. Before buying any item of clothing always ask yourself “can I think of 3 occasions where I will wear this?” and “Do I own 3 items of clothing that will go with this?” If the answers are “no”, then you will get little, if any, wear from it.


  • Don’t dismiss those items that are too big, but perfect in every other way. A seamstress can easily alter garments to fit you. Alternatively, consider using a wide leather belt to cinch in slouchy shirts or dresses for that stylish oversized look.

I hope you find some gorgeous preloved pieces to offer a second lease of life to.. Happy (sustainable) shopping!

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