Finding a Flattering Face Mask

There aren't many accessories that are compulsory to wear, but face masks are the most necessary trend of 2020. They feel a rather alien and overwhelming item to wear. So, it's important to pick one that feels as 'comfortably you' as possible, despite having half your face hidden.
As an Image Consultant who specialises in Colour Analysis, I spend the majority of my working week showing women a specific palette of colours which suit them - based upon their eye colour, skin tone and hair colour.

When the right or wrong colours are worn close to our face, the effects are dramatic! A flattering colour will enhance our eye colour and bring radiance to our skin. Whereas, an un-flattering shade will wash us out and enhance shadows and blemishes.

Here are my tips on identifying a face mask, which is in harmony with your colouring:

  • If you are naturally blonde with pale eyes, and light eyebrows, then opt for a face mask in a delicate shade. Pastel pink, sky blue or primrose yellow will look incredible.


  • If you have dark brown eyes and dark brown to black hair then choose a face mask in a luxuriously deep shade such as navy, forest green or chocolate brown.


  • If you have rich warm colouring, with red-toned hair and freckled skin, then look for a face mask with a yellow undertone. Shades such as oatmeal, amber or olive will look sensational


  • If you have cool colouring, with ash toned hair and a pink undertone to your skin, then choose a face mask with a blue undertone. Hot pink, cornflower blue or light grey will look particularly striking.


  • If you have high contrast in your colouring, with dark hair and bright blue or green eyes, then choose a face mask in a clear, vibrant colour. Shades such as lemon, duck egg or scarlett are perfect. Masks with a strong pattern will also look fantastic on you, as it will mirror the contrast within your own colouring.


  • If you have a softer appearance, for example dark blonde hair and brown eyes then opt for a face mask in a soft, muted shade. Blush pink, sapphire and jade are wonderful colours for you.


  • If you’re not quite sure what category you fall into then go for a face mask in teal or purple as they are universal shades which suit everyone!

Stay safe and stay stylish x

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