Fall in love with yourself through colour

We see our reflection on an average of 30 times a day and when don’t like what we see we continually reject ourselves, lowering our self image and confidence in the process. But when we like (let’s aim for love!) our reflection

Wearing colour is a very a powerful way to boost our response to our image. So simple, yet incredibly transformative. Psychologically, we cannot help but feel the impact of colour at a subconscious level.

Here are some examples of colours and their psychological super powers:

-Yellow, the colour reminiscent of the sun, is recognised as being the happiest of all the colours. Wearing it will give you a hefty dopamine boost and energy levels will soar.

-Well, red could certainly never be described as weak! It is an unapologetically strong, bold and exciting colour that increases confidence levels and assertiveness.

-Opt for orange to increase feelings of ease and security in social situations. It’s a friendly colour by nature so supports positive connection and interactions.

-Green, thanks to its strong presence in nature, represents fresh feelings of growth. Sitting in the centre of the colour spectrum, it is also the colour of balance and harmony.

-You can trust in blue to be a steady influence as it symbolises loyalty and competency and composure. Fun Fact - these are the very reasons why blue is one of the most popular colours in political campaigns!

-Pink is a nurturing and compassionate colour. It is generally regarded as the most empathic of colours suggesting care and love for others.

-White, although arguably a shade rather than a colour, symbolises purity, simplicity, honesty and innocence.

Of course, colours can be combined within our outfits too, which increases and personalises the psychological messages even further. Take the fabulous Climate Code shirt from DressCode (https://www.dresscodeshirts.co.uk/collections/ecofashion/products/womens-climate-code) for example. The red, white and blue stripes emulate feelings of honesty, trust and action. But interestingly this shirt’s message runs deeper than face value; its stripes actually signify the rise of global warming within the polar regions. The Climate Code shirt has fine details in abundance (I’ll be discussing these in upcoming social media posts) all of which provide gasp inducing talking points which are purposely placed to raise awareness of its plight.

It’s all too easy when tired and sluggish in the mornings to throw open the wardrobe doors and grab the closest thing to hand. But I always suggest to my clients, that when they open their wardrobe doors to stop for a moment and ask themselves ‘how do I need to feel to tackle the day ahead?’ and ‘what do I want to say to the world?’ Then pick an outfit in colours which support and encourage that mindset and intention.
The result? Each time you catch your reflection, the glimpse of colour will act as a reassuring reminder of all those positive associations - which your brain then begins to connect with YOU.
Very quickly, your view of yourself will change trajectory, shifting in a positive direction, boosting your sense of self-worth and those all important interactions with the world around you.

Lindsay x

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