Dressing When Bloated

When it comes to dressing with comfort in mind, people often believe it’s at the detriment of style. Not so! There are always fashionable options available for all women, whatever their shape, size, or needs. When it comes to dressing a stomach prone to bloating, it is important to avoid any stiff, structured, or constrictive fabrics which will only lead to discomfort. Instead, opt for soft, light fabrics that will gently drape against your skin and allow for any expansion around the stomach area.


Marks and Spencer’s have a fabulous range of wide leg draws strong trousers in a variety of colours and lengths, prices ruange from £35-£39.50:


When it comes to denim, jeggings are a far more comfortable alternative to traditional jeans. Next have a good variety of denim jeggings, priced at £24, in a petite, regular and tall lengths:


Go for skirts with an elasticated waist band, which you can disguise by very loosely tucking in a top and allowing some fabric to hang over the waist band. This very versatile ruched skirt from Kettlewell, priced at £45, comes in a wide variety of colours and even provides tops in matching shades that can be paired with it to create the look of a dress:


Smock dress are the perfect style dress for anyone suffering with bloating as they are so roomy around the stomach area. They also happen to suit all body shapes! This midi length smock dress from Boden is priced at £130:


Opt for a belt which has a ring buckle belt which allows you to slide the strap through until you reach the most most comfortable fit, as opposed to a tongue buckle belt which limits your fit by the set punch holes the prongs fits into. It’s important to find a belt strap that feels soft, lightweight and has an element of stretch. Not only will these features ensure optimum comfort, but a belt with a bit of ‘give’ will allow for any bloating that occurs. This belt from Next, priced at £20, is available in a natural or orange shade:


If you want to create the illusion of a more streamline silhouette, try wearing vertical stripes which have a lengthening effect - as opposed to horizontal stripes which have a widening effect. This flattering dress from Jigsaw is just perfect for Summer, priced at £110:

Bloating can be really uncomfortable, but embracing the styles of clothes I have suggested won’t accentuate that feeling further. Whatever you do, please resist the temptation to ‘flatten’ your stomach with shareware or tight clothing, it will cause you immense discomfort.

You are not alone – bloating is something that we all suffer with from time to time!

Lindsay x

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