''The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you"

Coco Chanel

Wearing the colours that harmonise with your hair, eyes and skin instantly transforms how you look, feel and are perceived by others.

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Wearing the wrong colours can draw attention to dark circles and wrinkles, cast shadows on the face, make your skin complexion look uneven and leave you looking tired.

Whereas the right colours will enhance your appearance - your skin will glow, your eye colour will pop and shadowing disappears as if by magic!

But HOW do you know WHICH colours are flattering and which will make you look pale and tired?

I can show you!

I will begin by analysing the colour of your hair, eyes and skin tone to determine your dominant, secondary and tertiary colouring.

I then work through over 130 coloured drapes identifying the colours which complement your unique colouring.

From this range, I will show you which specific colours really give you the 'wow factor' and advise you on the best ways to incorporate these colours into your wardrobe.

I will also advise you on your complimentary neutral shades, which should create the foundations of your wardrobe and inform future investment pieces.

You will leave this session, inspired to introduce a world of colour to your wardrobe!

In your Colour Analysis session you'll discover:

  • Why you look good in some colours and not in others.
  • Your 42 most flattering colours to wear.
  • Your best colours for make-up, glasses and hair colour.
  • Why you should invest in a selection of neutral colours.
  • How to begin creating a capsule wardrobe using your colours.
  • How to use your swatch wallet when shopping to select clothing.

What are the benefits of having my colours done?

  • You’ll gain confidence in your appearance.
  • Your skin will look radiant and your eye colour will pop.
  • Shopping will be become easier, you will save time and money – no more expensive mistakes.
  • Confidence boost – get ready for the compliments!
  • You’ll begin to create a wardrobe full of clothes that you love wearing (yes, really!) 
90 mins

This service is also available online, via Zoom

Includes – A personalised colour wallet containing 42 fabric swatches of your most flattering colours, for you to keep for future reference.

By having your colours done you are taking that first step towards stepping into that more confident, stylish version of yourself.

Why not discover the styles that will flatter your body shape and personality at the same time, by booking a Full Image Consultation?


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