Hello! I'm Lindsay

I'm a Personal Stylist, based on the rural outskirts of Biggleswade, in Bedfordshire.

My style journey began in 2015, not long after I’d had my second son. I had fully embraced my role of a wife and mother, so much so, that I’d lost ‘me’ in the process. My wardrobe of dreary coloured clothes reflected exactly how I felt – that I was fading in to the background. 

I had heard of people ‘getting their colours done’ and it sounded like the perfect opportunity to refocus on myself. Discovering a simple way to boost my appearance really appealed to me – as did the chance to sit down for a couple of hours with a cup of tea!

As the stylist swapped various coloured drapes under my chin in quick succession, I couldn’t believe the effect these different colours had upon my appearance. It was mesmerising. I made myself two promises that day. That I would share what I’d experienced with other women.. and that I would never wear my dreary coloured clothes again.

I waved goodbye to my long-standing job within education and qualified as a Personal Stylist with Colour Me Beautiful, who are the UK’s leading authority on Colour and Style. I continue my professional development by attending their advanced training and seasonal trend updates in London twice a year – which ensures that I’m always at the top of my game!

I am frequently told how I radiate the passion that I feel for my job, which is lovely to hear. Having been in your very position, I know first hand the exciting and transforming impact which my services provide

You're in for a life-changing treat!


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